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Parts & Accessories for Flymo Garden Vacuums

Flymo have a range of high quality accessories that will ensure you get the most out of your garden vacuum. Flymo’s leaf blowers allow you to keep your garden looking tidy and make easy work of keeping it clear of leaves and debris. To ensure that you get an excellent performance from your Flymo garden vacuum it is recommended that you use genuine Flymo parts and accessories as they have been tested with our products, find out more here.

For a full list of parts and accessories visit the Official Flymo WebShop.

Shredding Lines

High quality replacement shredder lines for your Flymo garden vacuum. Once attached the shredding lines will reduce the volume of the leaves you collect which will reduce in fewer stoppages.

Transportation wheels

A replacement wheel for your Flymo GardenVac allows you to get maximum manoeuvrability from it.