The Difference Between Clean and Dirty Fan Vacuums

The two main types of garden vacuum available to buy are called ‘clean fan’ or ‘dirty fan’ systems and they each have their own benefits over the other.

Clean fan systems in a garden vacuum work by diverting the airflow generated by the motor, down a chute and into a collection bag. Any debris that is collected, is shredded or mulched by using shredding line connected to a rotating disc, located just before the collection bag.

Scirocco easy to clean function

Which fan type is best?

A clean fan system is the better option for people using garden vacuums in areas that contain larger, harder objects like pine cones, as the fan is protected from debris, thereby reducing the risk of terminally damaging your product.

Dirty fan systems are the opposite. A dirty fan garden vacuum collects leaves and debris and sends it past the fan (also referred to as the impeller) that is used to create the suction. The fan then mulches the leaves and debris before passing it into the collection bag.

These types of garden vacuum typically have a much higher mulching ratio. This means you mulch or shred the leaves into much smaller pieces than garden vacuums using a clean fan system, however you are more likely to get fan blockages and risk damaging the fan if you are collecting leaves in areas with lots of hard objects like cans, stones etc.

mulch ratio

Taking care of your garden vacuum

After using your garden vacuum, it is important that you clean it thoroughly to ensure that it continues to work optimally, and after each use you should clean and remove any debris from the fan, collection bag, collection chute and any air inlets of the garden vacuum using a suitable tool.

This is especially important for garden vacuums that use a dirty fan system, as a build-up of dirt around the fan will reduce the garden vacuums performance and efficiency in picking up leaves and debris. When buying a dirty fan garden vacuum you should make sure that you can reach the fan easily to facilitate the cleaning process.

Where to buy a garden vacuum?

The Flymo GardenVac is a great example of a clean fan garden vacuum, while the Flymo Scirocco is a popular dirty fan garden vacuum.

Both these garden vacuums are readily available in most good high street retailers and garden centres. Alternatively you can purchase both these products on the Official Flymo Webshop.