Buyers Guide To Robotic Lawn Mowers

Robotic mowers are a great way to cut your lawn without having to lift a finger. As their popularity has grown, so have the number of different types of robotic mower available to buy on the market.

With this a number of different mower features have been developed to differentiate them from their competitors, but there are a number of key features that you should always consider when buying a robotic mower.

Robotic Robotic Lawnmower

Working area

Not all robotic lawnmowers are the same. Each will have a maximum working area that it is capable of cutting. A general rule is, the larger the garden the larger the robotic mower you will need to buy.

Garden complexity

The size of your garden is one factor that determines the size of the robotic mower you need to buy, but so does the shape and complexity of your garden. If you have a garden with narrow passages or an irregularly shape lawn, then a larger robotic mower may struggle to navigate around your garden, leaving areas of your lawn uncut.



The weight of the mower you buy is a critical factor. A heavy mower is more likely to leave track marks on your lawn, spoiling its look, especially when mowing in wet conditions. Try and go for a lighter robotic mower when possible. Some exceptions maybe when there are slopes in the lawn. A heavier machine with a stronger drive in the wheel may be needed if it is to reach the top of the slope and cut your lawn evenly.

woman carrying robotic mower

Blade type

There are two types of blade system on the market today – pivoting blades or fixed blades. The best robotic mowers, like the Flymo 1200 R use a pivoting blade system. This allows the blades to move when they hit hard objects on the lawn, enabling the lawnmower to continue moving and cutting the lawn. A robotic mower with a fixed bladed system is likely to get stuck on any hard object that the blade hits, preventing the mower from continuing cutting the lawn. This will then require the owner to go into the garden and reset the robotic mower. The best robotic mowers will require few or no manual restarts by the owner.


Most robotic mowers allow the owner to program when the mower will cut the lawn. This can be day or night. Many people prefer to have the robotic mower cut the lawn at night, to allow them to enjoy spending time in the garden without the robotic mower roaming around the garden. This makes noise even more crucial. A good robotic mower should be extremely quiet when cutting the lawn as not to interrupt you or your neighbours when sleeping.


Always look for a robotic mower with an alarm, and other helpful anti-theft features. Useful features include PIN code access and GPS sensors to allow you to know where the mower is at all times.

ROB security

Benefits of a Robotic Mower

Everyone knows that a robotic mower saves you time. You can cut the lawn without lifting a finger, but robotic mowers can also give you a better looking lawn too. By cutting the lawn little and often and leaving the grass clippings on the lawn, it enables them to break down into the lawn, adding both moisture and valuable nutrients back into the lawn. This promotes healthy grass growth and helps create a carpet like finish to your lawn.