Frequently Asked Questions: Garden Vacuums & Leaf Blowers

Find the answers to the most commonly asked question regarding Flymo garden vacuums and leaf blowers.

Q. My GardenVac is plugged in and assembled, why will it not switch on?

A - For safety reasons, the GardenVac is designed to operate only when the debris bag is fitted. Make sure the bag frame is flush alongside the body of the GardenVac and not loose. This is a safety feature that makes sure that the exposed shredding lines will not turn without the debris bag being fitted.

There is a plastic prong on the handle of the debris bag frame, which once the bag is in place, bridges the gap between actuator and switch. Also ensure that it is plugged in, switched on and that the fuse hasn’t blown. For assembly instructions please watch our ‘How-To’ video.
GardenVac FAQ

Q. What does “M-Rate” mean? Mulching Ratio!           

Shredding ratio, scirocco
A - The M-Rate is the mulching ratio - The higher the M-Rate the more the leaves will be shredded.

For example, a 10:1 ratio, such like the Scirocco - will reduce the leaves by 10 times their original size meaning you can collect 10 bags worth of leaves in 1 go. This figure is based on large leaves e.g. Sycamore, however some smaller leaves e.g. oak leaves may not be shredded. Using the mulching option on your garden blower vac allows you to collect more debris, with less trips to the bin!

Q. Differences between the GardenVac and Scirocco? 

Scirocco, blow function
A - The Garden Vac uses a “clean fan” system. This means that debris collection is achieved by diverting the airflow generated by the rotating fan down a chute into the debris bag. Mulching is achieved by a shredding line attached to the motor shaft. The Scirocco uses a “dirty fan” method of leaf collection. This means that all collected debris has to pass the fan and into the debris bag. The advantage of this is a greater mulching ratio. The disadvantage is that it is more likely that the fan with become blocked or damaged if twigs, stones and other debris is collected.

Q. My Scirocco will not switch on?

A - The Scirocco has a safety interlock – the access screw on top near the handle should be turned 5 - 6 times to engage the switch – do not over tighten. Once engaged, you will be able to use the product.

Q. What debris will the GardenVac collect?

A - The unique design of the GardenVac means that only lightweight, low density objects such as leaves, and all general garden debris will be collected. High density objects such as stones, acorns, sticks will not be collected.

Q. My Scirocco will not suck OR blow?

A - If the Scirocco has been working previously but will now not suck or blow any debris, the likely cause will be a blockage. To clear the blockages, open the blockage clearing cap and clear debris using a blunt edged instrument (i.e. a stick). Also, ensure that the mode indicator is in the correct position for the required work.

Q. I’m being covered in dust while using my Scirocco?

A - There are tiny holes in the collection bag that are necessary for the operation of the Scirocco. These will allow very small particles of dust to pass through.