Frequently Asked Questions: Grass Trimmers

Find the answers to the most commonly asked questions regarding Flymo grass trimmers. If you can't find what you are looking for , you can always ask one of our experienced customer service team members.

Q. Why does the line on my electric grass trimmer keep snapping?

1) Ensure that Genuine Flymo spool and line are being used. Genuine Flymo line comes in a black and orange plastic box. Some competitors offer universal trimming line which fits a number of brands grass trimmers, and often provide inferior quality trimming line.
2) Frequent line breakage can be the result of the cutting head being taken too close to objects, such as walls, paving edges, and fences etc. The cutting line must be allowed to rotate freely and the correct diameter cutting line should always be used.
3) Once opened, trimming line can easily become brittle if it's left in cold conditions for example, in the garage over the cold winter months. During these months it is advisable to remove the spool and line and store it in a cupboard, or somewhere warmer.

Q. Why do some grass trimmers have a straight shaft and some have a bent shaft?

A - Straight shafted grass trimmers are generally better for getting under bushes and hedges. Some grass trimmers have bent shafts to reduce manufacturing costs, i.e fewer components. Straight-shafted trimmers require a gearbox on the end of the shaft; these expensive parts increase the cost of the product. Curved shaft grass trimmers are often fixed length, whilst straight shafts allow the user to adjust the working height of the trimmer, for a more comfortable working position.

grass trimmer shaft

Q. How does the feed mechanism work?

cropped autofeed
A - Most Flymo electric grass trimmers have auto feed. This doesn't mean it feeds automatically at full speed; it works on centrifugal force on starting and stopping. When starting, the spool is allowed to rotate, allowing about 10mm of line to be fed out from the spool. The line in turn is cut to its operating length by the line limiter (the cutter in the safety guard).

Q. How do you change the grass trimmer to an edger?

Powertrim change the head

A - Putting the electric grass trimmer into edging mode is simple. All you need to do is press the locking button and the head can then be swivelled easily to edging mode.