Frequently Asked Questions: Hover Mowers

Here you will find the most frequently asked questions about Flymo Hover Mowers.

Q. Why doesn't my hover mower, hover?

A - When starting a hover mower, it should be tilted slightly to allow the air to circulate under the deck, giving it lift. Not doing this could make the lawnmower feel heavy during use.

If your lawn feels 'spongy' underfoot, this could be a result of a build-up of thatch and moss. This causes the machine to be sucked down onto the lawn and prevents in from hovering. This can be remedied by scarifying the lawn. A Flymo lawn rake is the quick and easy way to remove moss and thatch from your lawn.

Also, if there is a build-up of grass cuttings underneath the hood, or in-between the fins on the impeller, then this will prevent the hover mower from hovering. This can be resolved by general care and maintenance.

Hover Mower FAQ

Q. Why doesn't my hover mower collect any of the grass?

A - Flymo hover lawn mowers are designed to cut and vacuum grass clippings from the lawn through the aperture in the base of the grass box. A small percentage of the finer clippings are recycled and fed back into the lawn. With a hover collect mower, you must walk in a straight line for optimum collection. Please note, due to the cushion of air, a small amount of clippings may be blown away from the mower. The exception to this is the Flymo UltraGlide. It's unique, patented DuoTech System allows you to move the hover mower in any direction without the loss of performance.

Q. Why is my hover mower blowing grass onto the borders?

A - Hover mowers collect the majority of grass clippings, however some of the finer clippings do fall through the grass basket and back onto the lawn. Should those fine grass clippings be caught in the cushion of air, and the air cushion is broken , for instance when mowing over a pavement, the grass clippings will spray out. The best solution is to mow the lawn in a clockwise direction, then the clippings will be directed into the centre of the lawn.

Q. The spanner and/or spacers are missing from my Glider?

A - These are the only hover mowers where the parts are located in a space under the grass box and in the molding of the machine. All you need to do is remove the grass box and you should find these parts there.

Q. How can I adjust the cutting height of my hover mower?

A - There is typically one of two ways to change the cutting height on your hover mower, depending on the model you own. This is either via a central height adjustment lever found on the side of the lawnmower, or by adding or removing spacers between the lawnmowers blade and cutting deck.

Please consult your instructions for guidance before attempting to adjust the height of cut on your lawnmower.