10 Creative ideas for making the most of small gardens

If you have a small or quirky shaped garden it can sometimes be difficult to know how to maximize the space you have. The key is creativity which is why we have sourced 10 creative ideas form some of our favourite bloggers to give you the inspiration you need to reclaim your outdoor space. Whether it’s a tiny terrace or a petit patio you have to work with, these innovative tips, tricks and tools are guaranteed to help you think big and transform your garden into a stylish alfresco space.

1. Let the light in

The more light you can capture in your garden the better. If you are limited to sunlight then use artificial lighting to enhance and brighten the space. We love the way blogger Swoon Worthy has used solar fairy lights and Chinese lanterns to create a welcoming and enchanting ambiance.

2. Invest in temporary furniture

If you enjoy alfresco dining and garden parties but have limited room for bulky furniture then take a leaf out of Hannah Gale’s book. We love the creative way she has used a wooden palette as a table and contrasting cushions and blankets for seating. It’s a great space saving solution that can be tidied away once your guests have left.

3. Work with your existing colour palette

Opting for a similar colour palette to your existing interior décor will create the illusion that your outdoor space is an additional room and act as an extension of your home. Incorporating complimenting tones and textures into your garden area similar to what blogger Cider with Rosie has done will instantly make it feel open and spacious.

4. Create a petit patio

Bright, neutral colours work best in a restricted environment as they help to open up the same and compliment the greenery in its surroundings. We love the way blogger Fifi McGee has used white to create the illusion of more space!

5. An urban jungle

Just because your garden has restricted space doesn’t mean you can’t create a jungle-style garden similar to blogger 5ftinf. We love how she has used a variety of plants and shrubs to add colour, movement and that all important greenery to her home!

6. Hide it

Although it’s best to keep your furniture to a minimum in a small outdoor space, it doesn’t mean you can’t have any! Blogger, A Beautiful Space has strategically placed a wooden deck chair at the end of her garden and planted shrubs to slightly obstruct the view. We love how this plays with our imaginations and tricks our mind into thinking there is more beyond to see.

7. Maximize horizontal space

Free up that much-needed floor space with a vertical approach to gardening. By using palettes or wooden racks similar to what blogger, Tidy Away Today has done you can create a decorative distraction from the missing pots, planters and greenery on the ground!

8. Remember, first impressions count

If your front garden is the only outdoor space you have, then keep it in check by adding elegant flourishes of colour. A statement planter at the front door like blogger Roses & Rolltops is a perfect way to ensure maximum impact with minimal effort. Keep your front lawn neatly trimmed and ensure your borders are symmetrical.

9. Ditch those bulky planters

Use your outdoor dining table or bench to showcase your plants and foliage by making a hole in the middle and placing a container in the sunken area. We love what blogger, Burkatron, has done! It’s a great space saving solution.

10. Create a hidden oasis

You may think barricading in your small outdoor space is a no-go, however by creating a living wall similar to what blogger Kazzabeth has done can create a cozy, hidden oasis.

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