5 tips for maintaining a nice garden while you're on holiday

The summer holidays… I think we all agree is one of the most exciting events of the year, with the promise of sun, sea and sand, most of us can’t wait to wave goodbye to the grey skies of Britain and escape to a sunnier climate.
There’s just one problem that many jetsetters have to face – how will your garden stay looking lush while you’re away? Unless you have friendly neighbours you can rely on, there’s a few steps you need to take to ensure that your garden will stay stunning throughout the summer season. But there’s no need to worry - by following these 5 top tips, you will return to a garden just as perfect as you left it.

Water Thoroughly

Without water, plants and grass become dehydrated and if left for a long time in the summer heat, they risk the chance of dying. To reduce the chances of coming home to a garden of yellow grass and drooping plants, make sure you water your garden thoroughly before jetting off. It’s crucial that you spend some time de-weeding your flower beds too, as they can often steal water from the plants you want to grow. Another trick to consider is placing a saucer of water under any plants in your garden. This will collect water when it rains and increase humidity – this way they’re more likely to stay hydrated.


No sunbathing!

Whilst plants need sunlight to grow, if you’re leaving them unattended it is best to make sure any plant containers and hanging plants are moved away from areas of direct sunlight and into areas of dim shade – they don’t cope as well in the heat as we do and certainly won’t benefit from a tan. If it isn’t possible to move them, try to cover them with shade netting or fleece.

Clean before you leave

The summer sun will put stress on your plants which, in turn, makes them more likely to develop disease and become prone to garden pests. Before you pack your bags, you should clean your plant containers and pots to rid them of any developing diseases, and to reduce the chance of disease hitting while you’re away.

Cover your pond, and remember to apply weed killer to the lawn

If you don’t already have a cover for your pond then it’s probably wise to invest in one. If you plan on being away for a prolonged period of time throughout the year a pond cover is a good aid to have. It means there’s no chance of any leaves taking an unwanted dip, and that your goldfish will be kept away from any birds looking for supper.

Before you leave it’s wise to apply some weed killer on your lawn. This should see that it stays in shape while you’re on your holiday. However, it’s important to note that you apply weed killer when grass is dry and when it’s unlikely to rain for six hours. It’s often best to apply during a cooler evening so choose the right time and prepare the lawn.

Tell us your tips!

Got any more tips on keeping your garden looking great over the summer period? We would love to hear them and you can get in touch on Facebook.

We hope you have an excellent summer holiday.


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