5 Top Tips for an Excellent Lawn this Easter

Easter weekend is often seen as the start of the grass cutting season for homeowners. With the weeks surrounding early April often correlating with a rise in temperatures and increase in grass growth, once again it is time to turn to Flymo for lawn care.

With Easter just around the corner there is always promise of warmer weather, meaning you can finally enjoy spending time in your garden. With thoughts of BBQ’s and garden parties coming up this summer, a great looking garden is essential. Here we offer five tips to make sure your lawn is lush.

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How high should I cut the grass?

A simple yet effective tip for your first cut of the season - When you cut your lawn for the first time this year make sure you have changed the cutting height to a higher cutting height than normal, depending upon your mower and grass length this could be the highest setting. Throughout the months that follow you should gradually decrease the cutting height in order to get the lawn you desire.

Use a quality fertiliser on your lawn

Why is a quality fertiliser so important? Because cutting your grass regularly leads to a loss in your lawn’s nutrients. Soil is made up of many minerals which act as nutrients for the grass, as the grass grows these are removed and need to be replenished. This means enriching the soil with quality replacement nutrients is a must for a lush lawn.

Leave your clippings

The water that makes up the majority of your finer grass clippings decompose rapidly, returning nutrients to your lawn grass roots. In fact, Flymo’s innovative Robotic Lawnmower 1200 R cuts the lawn and discharges fine clippings back onto the lawn to act as a fertiliser. So next time you’re about to clear your finer clippings, stop and think about the benefit they could have.

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Scarify only when needed

Regular scarification can prove a benefit for lawns, however in order to keep your lawn pristine it is important to understand when is the correct time to scarify and when it’s best to save it for another day. Removing of the layer of thatch in your garden can be the difference between a good looking lawn and great one.

Watering your lawn

Sometimes the old fashioned methods are the best. Remembering to simply water your lawn could prove to be the best tip this summer and perhaps the most obvious. Often we can forget just how useful a sprinkler system is in the grand scheme of creating an amazing looking lawn through the summer months. Whilst it may be too early to begin watering at Easter, be prepared to begin when the sun hits. The occasional watering combined with fertiliser will keep the neighbours envious and your lawn looking excellent.

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