Help Your Garden Survive The Summer: Top Tips | Flymo

It’s a tough season for the garden as it is, but given that many of us take holidays this time of year, it’s a wonder our gardens survive. While you’re embracing the heat, here are some tips to help your garden fight it.

1) Keep your containers cool and moist

Try and keep your containers in a section of the garden you know gets enough shade. You can put your smaller pots inside a bigger pot and insulate these with newspaper – this prevents the sun’s rays from directly hitting the planted pot, keeping your plants looking lovely.

2) Clean all of your containers

On the note of potted plants; many times the hot summer sun will put stress on the plants, which can make them more prone to pests and disease. Cleaning your pots and containers in-between uses is important to get rid of any diseases – as they survive inside from one season to the next!

3) Don't overwater!

It will kill your plants faster than under watering will. If you give your plants too much water, or too little – they will become lazy. The key is to check the soil regularly – don’t be afraid to push your finger into the soil, about 3cm (1inch) and see how moist it is. If it is moist, it’s a simple sign that it’s OK to reduce your watering.

4) Manage the sunlight

The simplest way to keep plants cool, is to try and manage the sunlight that hits them. Since we can’t control the weather, strategically planting under trees, decks, patio umbrella’s or anything else that creates shade is a great start.

5) Invest!

In an Automatic Irrigation system, which with the help of a timer, releases water, slowly keeping the soil moist, with the aid of drip heads. So, no need to ask your neighbours to come and water for you!
Robotic Robtoic Lawnmower 1200 R
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