How to bring back your gardens glory

Is your garden looking a little lifeless and in need of some TLC following the harsh winter months? After a dormant period it’s likely your lawn could be looking a little haggard, maybe your fence is in need of a good lick of paint or perhaps your lawn edges require a good tidy up.

Now is the perfect time to start thinking about how to return your garden to its former glory. From smart storage tips to cool al fresco dining ideas, we have it covered when it comes to transforming your garden into a tranquil haven ready for the season ahead.

1. Tidy your garden

The first job to tackle to help bring your garden back to life is to begin with a good tidy up. Start by clearing out any unwanted leaves from your lawn, you can use the leaves to make a leaf mulch and mould that should last the season. Next up it’s the centrepiece of your garden, the lawn. Mowing doesn’t need to be a chore and a beautiful cut is easily achieved with the right mower. Shape up your borders by neatening up any ragged and untidy lawn edges and remove any drying leaves, collapsed stems and weeds before setting compost. Finally, repair any damages to sheds, compost bins or fences. You can then start planning the design work!

2. Turn unused areas into creative havens

Make use of unused areas in your garden this season by turning them into clever entertaining spaces. It’s every child’s dream to have their own garden playhouse or hideout so if you aren’t using your shed why not turn into a safe area for the children to play. Once insulated, damp-proofed and decorated your shed can create hours of fun for the little ones.

3. Grow your own

Growing your own fruit and vegetables is both rewarding and fun. It’s easy to create your own patch in the garden with many typical garden soils suitable for growing. Make sure you consider the sunlight needs for your vegetables as some need more than others. If you need a little bit more shade for plants like salads or strawberries, some netting or a wattle fence should do the job.

4. Renovate outdoor living spaces

If you enjoy entertaining and eating outdoors you should dedicate an area to outdoor dining, with bespoke table and chairs. A pagoda style structure could take centre stage for your seating area or if you have a smaller garden, adding a simple burst of colour such as a set of colourful patterned cushions can create an attractive welcoming area for the entire family to enjoy.

5. Light up

Outdoor fairy lights are a great simple way to transform your garden and create a sprinkle of twinkle. You can hang them on fences, through hedges or even on tree branches to create a magical environment for the family to enjoy. You could always opt for multi-coloured solar lighting to light up your garden path or wall. This would be a cheap and safe solution and will emit a relaxing level of lighting for you to enjoy all evening.

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