How to entertain your kids in the garden

With a bit of imagination the great outdoors can easily be turned into an adventure playground that will keep little ones entertained for hours, not to mention burn off their endless amounts of energy throughout the summer.

In today’s world of technology and apps it can be easy to just sit in front of a phone or tablet but you will then miss out on all that your back garden has to offer. No one wants to hear those dreaded words, “I’m bored”, so to avoid this we’ve highlighted six ways to keep the children happy and more importantly their minds occupied outside away from technology.

1. Build a den

Whether it’s a secret hideaway, fairytale castle or pirate ship, it doesn’t require a lot, just a few bed sheets, chairs and of course imagination. Leave them to their own devices and they’ll happily build and play in it for hours. It can be an exciting base for them to read a book, listen to music or play with their friends – as well as providing shelter from the summer sun.

2. Get creative

As I’m sure we’ve all experienced at one time or another, painting can be a messy activity so where better to do it than outdoors?! Let your children’s creative minds take inspiration from the garden with the different colours and textures to experiment with. Why not let them add a personal touch to the patio and have fun painting plant pots in bright, summer colours.

3. Hunt for treasure

This is something that has the potential to keep younger ones entertained for hours. It’s a great way to educate them as to what can be found in the garden, but best of all it will teach them to love being outdoors. Decide where and what will end the treasure hunt first and work backwards designing clues. Depending on the size of your garden, you can build a simple trail and even hide clues indoors for them to find – this is also a great way to keep the little ones out of the sun during the hottest part of the day.

4. DIY garden games

Turn your back garden into your very own bowling alley, giant Twister board or even a court for water balloon tag that the whole family will love.

  • Ten ‘Bottle’ Bowling - Collect ten empty bottles and let imaginations run wild as they paint the makeshift skittles with funny faces or bright fun colours. Once dry it’s a case of assembling the pins in a triangle and having fun trying to knock them down.
  • Lawn Twister - This is a great game guaranteed to have the whole family in stiches! It’s quick and easy to make and, unlike the original board game, requires no spinner – just one player to shout a colour and a body part. Create your own outdoor mat by spray painting coloured dots directly onto your lawn - don’t panic as it will only last a week or so depending on the paint you use and will cause no lasting damage to the grass blades. Let it dry and have fun!
  • Water Balloon Tag – If there’s one thing kid’s love, it’s a good old water fight. Keep them cool on a warm and humid day by arranging a game of water balloon tag. Stock up on balloons and fill with water, the person who is ‘it’ is in control and has to throw them at other players. Once someone is hit with a water balloon, they then become ‘it’ and the game continues.

5. Have an outdoor picnic

Hosting a garden picnic is something that the whole family can get involved with – from making the summer feast to the novelty of eating outside. Tuck into homemade sandwiches and sip on cold drinks in the comfort of your own garden.

6. Helping hands

Summer provides a great time to get the kids involved and interested in gardening. Planting seeds, watering flowers and digging weeds are easy jobs that younger ones can turn their hands to, plus it’s an excuse for them to play and get dirty in the mud!

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