How To Transform Your Garden On A Budget

As we head into the warmer months of the year, it’s time to get those gardening gloves on and bring some life to your outdoor space. From sprucing up your fence with a lick of paint to paving an eye-popping path a little effort goes a long way. And fear not, it doesn’t have to cost the Earth - with our tips, you’ll have a glorious garden in no time at all, on a budget that doesn’t break the bank.

Pick Your Plants Wisely

If you’re keen to grow more plants in your garden, simply take cuttings from your favourite ones - an easy way to make your garden flourish. To grow plants from cuttings, you will need a sharp knife or pruning shears, pots for the cuttings, propagating mix and a rooting hormone. To start, you will need to cut off a healthy piece of your chosen plant and remove the lower leaves for a bare stem. Next, dip the end into your rooting hormone and place the stem into your potting mix. Some plants root more easily than others - these include geraniums, impatiens and hydrangeas, so if you are looking for a good beginner’s plant, why not try your hand at these first?

If you’re looking for a year-round plant that will make your garden stand out, opt for evergreen shrubs. Both colourful and reliable, they are great for hedges, borders and even as standalone features. Popular evergreen shrubs include boxwood, daphne, aucuba and euonymus.

Clever Upcycling

Have you been into your garage or shed recently? You would be surprised at how many things you collect over the years that could be put to good use in the garden. Spare pallets, for example, could be used for new fences, paths, garden edges and even break out areas for relaxing. Not only are they versatile, they will save you a penny or two!

Have a look and see if you have anything for planter containers too - it might be an old drawer, a tin or a glass bottle for example. Time to get your creative juices flowing…

Garden Glow

If you have one or many big features in your garden, why not put them under the spotlight by adding solar lights to your space, creating the perfect setting in the evening? From LED fairy lights to stake lanterns, there are so many styles to choose from and you can add as many or as little as you like. Most solar lights are also really easy to set up, giving your garden the perfect glow without the stress.

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