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No Garden? No Problem. How To Create An Outdoor Space When You Don’t Have A Garden

Just because you don’t have the space for a proper garden doesn’t mean you need to go without your own outdoor space. You can create a beautiful outdoor oasis without much space at all; all you need is a bit of planning and design. Smaller gardens may need more thought than larger gardens but with the right planning they can be even better – they do say ‘great things come in small packages’.

If you are looking to revitalise your outdoor space here are our top tips to give you the garden you deserve.

Paint Your Walls White

White paint is a bit of a quick hack but it can really improve your garden. The white colour will brighten up any outdoor space making it a much more enjoyable space, especially during the warmer summer months. The white walls will reflect the light so even if it isn’t typically a space that gets a lot of sunlight you will certainly think it does with a lick of paint.

Hack your space

If space is at a premium you can at least make it look like there is more with a mirror panel on one of your walls. It will give the illusion that your outdoor space is twice the size it really is plus it will provide additional light to the darker corners. A mirror then becomes much more than a decorative piece but an essential part of the whole outdoor space.

Living wall

While they were once only exclusive to the Chelsea flower show, living walls are now becoming more of a common fixture in residential gardens. These amazing features make a great use of the vertical space and don’t take up much space. To build these living walls, the plants are rooted to a vertical structure that attaches to the wall. A lot of different types of plants can be used for these towering beauties as a wide range of perennials, shrubs or even fruit and vegetables have been known to grow well in a living wall.

Make the most from plant pots

Not having a lawn is not a valid excuse for failing to make a beautiful garden. You can create as beautiful an outdoor space using plant pots as you can plant both low-level flowers and towering, bushy trees. The pots themselves come in all different shapes and sizes so you can customise and decorate your outdoor space any way you want. Your garden furniture can then sit perfectly amongst your plants and you have the perfect spot to enjoy the summer weather.

Take a seat

When you do have issues with space you need to make sure you have the right seating. You may not be entertaining multiple guests all the time so you don't want to have your outdoor space clogged up with unused chairs. Therefore, to make the most from your garden you should try to find chairs that can stack or fold together so you can tuck away the unused chairs without wasting too much of the space in your garden.

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