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Jobs in the Garden

Getting a great looking lawn and garden is relatively easy. Follow our monthly guides telling you what to do and when, to help you get a garden that your neighbours would be envious of.

Jobs to do in the garden in January

January is a relatively quiet month in the gardening world, as the weather conditions aren’t conjunctive to plant or grass growth. Don't let this fool you however, there is still plenty to be done in the month of Jan - so get cracking!
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Jobs to do in the garden in February

After a month of not really doing much, February is where you really should start to do something about your garden.
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Jobs to do in the garden in March

March is usually when the weather begins to get warmer, and your garden starts to spring into life again. Unfortunately, it’s not just the plants and parts of your garden that you want to grow, that grow. Most of it does, that is why you should get in there early to reduce your workload over the coming months.
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Jobs to do in the garden in April

Easter usually falls in April, and Easter weekend is when people first get do those jobs in the garden. The weather is beginning to warm up, but there is still moisture in the air and in the ground making it perfect condition for plants to grow.
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Jobs to do in the garden in May

In May, the chance of frost has all but gone, meaning you can really get your teeth into getting the garden looking great. The soil temperature has begun to rise, which means plant and grass growth increases too.
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Jobs to do in the garden in June

The weather is getting warmer and your garden is in full swing, which means your plants, flowers and lawn need some extra special attention.
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Jobs to do in the garden in July

In order to enjoy your garden in July when the hot weather arrives, there are a few jobs to make sure you do first, to make sure it doesn’t look like an overgrown wasteland.
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Jobs to do in the garden in August

August is that odd month. Summer is coming to a close and the days are slowly drawing in and becoming darker, yet it’s still warm and you want to be out in the garden. It’s also when most of us are on holiday, usually the last bit of time we have for summer relaxation.
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Jobs to do in the garden in September

The seasons are changing are so need your gardening tasks – there’s plenty to be done, so follow our job list, and your garden will look brand new in no time.
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