Jobs to do in the garden in April

Easter usually falls in April, and Easter weekend is when people first get do those jobs in the garden. The weather is beginning to warm up, but there is still moisture in the air and in the ground making it perfect condition for plants to grow.
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Lawn care

April is the time begin work on your lawn, so that it’s in top condition come the summer. If you didn’t scarify your lawn in March, then April is the month to do it.


Scarify – ‘to cut and remove debris from a lawn with a scarifier’ or ‘break up the surface of soil, a road or pavement’. A Flymo Lawnrake is the perfect garden tool for this task!
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Scarification is an essential lawn maintenance task. Failure to annually scarify your lawn could result in weak grass growth and the spread of disease and pests across your lawn.

Use this time to repair bare patches on your lawn and lay some grass seed. Use the opportunity after scarifying your lawn to lay additional seed too. This will prevent moss and pests from growing and produce a thicker, greener lawn.

If you plan to on growing grass in areas of your garden which are quite shady, you should consider using a seed which is designed specifically for this purpose. These are usually readily available in most good retailers and garden centres.

Finish off your April lawn care by tidying up the edges of your lawn. Either with a garden hoe, re-cut your edges if needed or using a grass trimmer, like those in the Flymo range, cut any untidy grass away. Cap this all off by applying a spring lawn feed high in nitrogen to promote fast healthy grass growth.

Soon to be in bloom

The arrival of spring = fast growth! It’s the perfect time of the year to plant summer bulbs and spring bedding plants. You should use a general purpose compost and create good drainage by placing a piece of broken pottery across the drainage whole in the pot before adding the compost. You help further by placing your plant pots on legs so the water can escape easily when needed. The additional benefit is that by placing the pots off the ground, during the winter month its helps prevent the pots getting too cold and cracking.

Top tip

Weed seedlings will begin to appear rapidly at this time of year, so remove them down before they begin to flower and spread elsewhere.

Plants and vegetables

The start of the sunny weather means temperatures can start to rise very sharply in greenhouses. In order to prevent any damage to seedlings or to other crops, you must make sure there is plenty of ventilation. Plan ahead and if the weather is set to be warm open windows and greenhouse vents. Automatic temperature valves are brilliant if the weather is unpredictable.

April is also the perfect time to plant potatoes. Simply plant seed potatoes into the ground, or into grow bags or containers keeping the soil moist. When in bags or containers when they begin to grow and leaves develop add additional soil for an increased yield.