Jobs to do in the garden in August

August is that odd month. Summer is coming to a close and the days are slowly drawing in and becoming darker, yet it’s still warm and you want to be out in the garden. It’s also when most of us are on holiday, usually the last bit of time we have for summer relaxation.

Keeping well watered

As we come towards the end of the summery months, your garden can start to look exhausted after the summer festivities that have been going on.

The soil is usually dry – so try to keep everything well-watered. Foliage can prevent water getting into the soil of a potted plant, so continue to water plants in containers, even if there has been some rain. Try and keep the soil moist throughout the day, as dry soil prevents the plants from growing.

Always avoid watering your plants around midday when the sun is at its hottest. Not only is this a waste of water, as water will be evaporated by the sun, but water droplets on the leaves can act as a magnifying glass and burn the leaves.

Try watering your plants and vegetables, preferably first thing in the morning or alternatively in the evening, when it is cooler. Watering thoroughly but less often, is the key to success, as it encourages plants to root deeply, making them more resistant to drought and dry conditions. Dead-heading your plants before they seed, is another sure fire way to keep your plants looking great, for longer.

Garden maintenance

Dry weather allows give you the time to paint the shed, the garden fence, and any other wood with a preservative. Get it done now to protect them, and keep them looking fresh during the winter months.

Growing veg – nearly at an end!

August is still a great time for seed sowing – leafy foods like, salad leaves, beetroot and lettuce can be grown well into the autumn months. And because other veg like peas have already seeded, you have plenty to space to extend into.

Why not try something a little different like Pak Choi or a stable like winter spinach. As it’s often the hottest time of the year, the greenhouse can get too hot for your plants, causing them to wilt. Remember to open the window, and allow some cool air in to ensure your plants grow healthily, and stay healthy.

If you haven’t already – think about next year. Now is the time many shops sell off seeds, cheaply! Have a quick think about what you want to grow from seed next year, and purchase your seeds now at a fraction of the price they will be next spring, and store them in a cool, dry place.

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