Jobs to do in the garden in December

Christmas is just around the corner and so are the harsh winter frosts. As much as many of us love the snow and the idea of a ‘white Christmas’ your garden doesn’t agree.
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Mild weather

There’s always strange possibilities in the UK so if it looks like a mild winter, you should continue to cut the lawn if its growing but remember to raise the height of the blades on your lawnmower so just the tip of the grass blade is getting the cut. If however, December arrives and it’s a wet one, you should spike your lawn with a garden fork to help improve aerating and drainage.

If you fancy planting soft fruits, this is a really good time to do so. You could plant dormant soft fruits such as currants, raspberries and blackberries.

Clean and tidy

Make sure you are sweeping driveways/walkways/patios etc to remove any slippery leaves or algae which could easily result in an accident if not removed. Leaves should also be removed from the lawn, which will allow the light in, therefore preventing any dead patches appearing. Any leaves or debris must be cleared from your gutter!
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Dealing with snow

If it does snow this year you should try to avoid stepping onto your grass when it’s a blanket of the white stuff because this will damage the grass underneath. Of course the same goes when your lawn is frozen over.

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