Jobs to do in the garden in February

After a month of not really doing much, February is where you really should start to do something about your garden.
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Maintain your tools

First on the February checklist is maintenance. You need to have a check whether your lawn mower and other garden tools are in good working condition and haven’t been affected by the winter cold.

Alongside this, check the lawnmower blade is sharp so you cut the grass cleanly preventing yellowing of the grass tips, and that you have enough trimming line for your grass trimmer. There’s nothing worse than being caught short and only getting half the job done. If you need anything extra, you can purchase genuine Flymo spare parts and accessories online via the Official Flymo WebShop.

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Look after shrubs and small bushes

In February there is still a risk of frost and snow, even though the temperatures may slowly start to rise. Any tender shrubs or trees, will appreciate a generous application of mulch. This will help to insulate and protect the roots from the freezing conditions.

If you tried to stabilise any trees or plants last month, check the tree ties to ensure they aren’t cutting into the bark or something similar.

Clean and tidy

Last but not least, if you have a glass/greenhouse, now is a good time to get them cleaned up, in perfect time for the growing season. Warm soapy water will do the job just fine. Sweep the floor, scrape off any mould or moss and wash all the windows to ensure maximum light into the greenhouse.

Also remember to clean all any pots, especially the inside to kill any harmful bacteria that might attack your plants in the spring.

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