2018 Garden Trends

Whether you’re a green-fingered expert or a gardening novice, we’ve teamed up with some of our favourite bloggers to outline key trends which will dominate our 2018 gardens, and share top tips as to how you can easily achieve them in your outdoor space.

Balcony Living

Many of us are now choosing to live in rented properties, or have little or no outdoor space due to living in or near the city. If you’re limited for space, take a new approach to gardening and opt for ‘balcony living.’ By enhancing what outdoor space you do have available, regardless of size, it allows you to have an area to express your creativity and style. Whether it’s a balcony, patio or windowsill, there’s a range of planting containers and vertical structures to allow you grow various flowers and foliage.

Blogger, the Middle-sized Gardener shared her prediction for 2018: “Container gardening is really changing fast at the moment which is particularly important for people who have a small (or no) garden, for Generation Rent, and also for those living in new flats, where balconies are now much more common. Roof gardens, too, are a big new direction in cities, and they are very much about container planting.”

Blogger, A Beautiful Space added: “Vertical gardening is going to be a big trend in 2018. The growing awareness that gardening is good for both our emotional and physical wellbeing means even those with small spaces want to make the very most of their gardening potential. Vertical planters are the way forward and an exciting rel="noopener noreferrer" new innovation in gardening.”

Kezzabeth agreed, adding: “In 2017 we saw a huge amount of love for indoor plants being displayed in trendy ways and over the next year, I think we’ll see more of this same trendy arrangement outdoors too. Vibrant rope hanging planters, rustic concrete pots and more vertical wall gardening for those smaller spaces. Perhaps even outdoor plant #shelfies too!”

Grow Your Own Protein

With the likes of flexitarianism becoming a growing dieting trend, we are becoming more health conscious and mindful of where our food comes from. Opting to reduce our meat consumption and predominantly eat plant-based protein. The good news is that there are many varieties of foods you can easily grow in your garden including, peas, broccoli, spinach and even quinoa – although harvesting the grain can be a little tricky.

Wabi Sabi

Last year saw us all embracing the cosiness of Hygge and the simplicity of Lagom – for 2018 it’s all about seeing the beauty in the imperfections. Wabi Sabi translates to ‘beauty in imperfection’ and involves having an appreciation for the changes in the natural landscapes. Try not to focus on the symmetry and longevity of objects, choose plants and items that will change over time with the seasons. A tree with textured or peeling bark, flowers that display their seed pods during autumn and leaving dried leaves that have fallen under a small tree are great ways to introduce Wabi Sabi into your life.

Make A Splash

The soothing sound of running water is a welcome addition to gardens of all shapes and sizes. By introducing a water feature into your outdoor haven, it will instantly transform the space and create a relaxed and serene atmosphere. If your garden has a rustic vibe, why not create your own using natural materials like stone or slate, or if you prefer a modern approach choose a sleek centre piece to complement your space.


For years, Instagram has sat at the centre of many trends, especially in the interior world, but now it’s time to take outside! The photography platform is a great outlet to express your creativity in the garden, take ideas from and even inspire others. So phones at the ready to capture your ‘#OutdoorHaven’…

Make your Instagram post pop when it comes to accessorising your garden and embrace the contemporary unicorn colour trend – think fun and bright. Be playful and introduce hints of turquoise, pink and purples through planters, cushions and lighting – when paired clean neutral tones it makes a real statement.

Blogger, Renovation Bay-Bee shared her top trend prediction: 'White rendered raised planters have been popular during 2017, and I think they will still be through 2018. With modern clean lines, filled full of colourful flowers at eye level, these planters can add a splash of colour to any garden.'

Lighting can also be a welcome addition to both your garden as well as your Instagram post but wiring up can be expensive. Solar lighting is set to be even bigger in 2018 as it’s cheap, safe and creates that perfect vibe to relax and unwind in.

Blogger, rel="noopener noreferrer" Kezzabeth added: “I think lighting is going to get bigger and better in 2018 with the idea of embracing more outdoor living.”