9 things you could be doing instead of cutting the grass

As the sun begins to shine and temperatures start to rise, chances are the idea of pushing a weighty lawnmower around the garden to mow the lawn is the last thing on your mind.

It’s said that the average Brit spends almost two months of their lives mowing the lawn which is just shy of seven weeks! Broken down, that is roughly 60 minutes we spend cutting and edging the lawn, 2.4 times a month – with most of that happening in the summer months.

A recent study has also found that the average size of the UK garden is 14m2* - all in all, this leaves us thinking, there must be better ways to spend your time this summer than mowing for over two hours a month?! Unfortunately, it’s a task that needs to be done. Reducing down your mowing time with a savvier mower could give you a spare hour each month which you could invest in some well-earned me-time.

With 60 minutes to spare, here’s what you could be doing…

1.Enjoy a city break

Yes that’s right, hop on a flight from London and arrive in Brussels in just one hour.

2.Visit the salon

Pamper time, even one hours’ worth, can be a real treat. Head off for a haircut or manicure.

3.Learn a new skill

With the investment of just one hour a month you can learn to code online, or pick up a crafty skill like painting or learn a new language.

4.Lie back and listen

Lie back and enjoy your outdoor space with a summer playlist. It takes roughly an hour to listen to 20 songs. Dreamy.

5.Netflix hour

Your favourite series can be binged at a quicker rate with that extra hour. If the summer weather takes a turn for the worst, lock yourself away and get lost in your favourite series.

6.Get active

If fitness is a personal goal of yours, why not invest the hour in a new exercise. Whether that is a football match with friends or taking up an outdoor dance class in the sun, you could burn up to 443 calories per hour.

7.Personalise your garden

Gardening doesn’t have to be a chore. Create your own little outdoor haven with a simple lick of paint. The time you have saved mowing the lawn can be used to add a touch of colour to dull planters, garden furniture or even the shed – be bold!

8.Watch a football match

Ok so you can catch a match on TV but why not get some fresh air and cheer on your local football team from the side lines

9.Family Hour

Get everyone together for a spot of al-fresco dinning or a picnic in the park. Even if it’s just an hour dedicated to playing all together can make all the difference.

Feeling inspired? Here are some lawnmowers guaranteed to save you time…

The Robotic Mower

If you want to spend as little time as possible maintaining your lawn then the Flymo 1200R robotic lawnmower is the one for you. This automatic lawnmower is battery powered and automatically goes back to its charging station when it needs to recharge. Simply lay the boundary wire around your lawn and watch the device do the rest. The grass clippings disappear back into the lawn, adding moisture and nutrients back into the soil for healthy growth and a carpet like finish - we’ve thought of it all so you don’t need to.

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The Hover Mower

These mowers are designed to glide effortlessly across your garden, they float on a cushion of air which makes them lightweight and easy to manoeuvre on uneven surfaces or oddly shaped gardens. The Flymo Hover Vac 280 comes fully assembled out of the box which will inevitably save you time flicking through pages of instructions! The 20 litre grass box ensures that cuttings are collected and can be easily emptied within seconds meaning no time needs to be spent raking the lawn.

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The Rotary Mower

Rotary mowers generally have wheels which makes them suitable for most garden sizes. Features like the unique Vision window on our Visimo mower allows you to see when your grass box needs emptying to reduce stoppages, and rear roller allows you to achieve a stripped effect with no effort at all. The single leaver height adjustment tool on our rotary models, makes changing the cutting height extremely simple – win, win.

*based on actual gardens does not include balcony garden or window box, based on survey by Ipsos Mori for the HTA 2015)

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