Celebrate 'World Health Day' by taking some much needed time out.

World Health Day is celebrated every year on April 7th, under the sponsorship of the World Health Organisation. When the topic of gardening comes up in conversation, it can quickly divide the opinions of Brits. Some of us, are fully fledged green fingered wizards, some of us dabble with a few colourful plants, and some, plain and simply see gardening as a massive chore. Whether you love it or hate it, gardening can actually have a very positive effect on your health.

Robotic lawnmower in the docking station

Gardening benefits our mental health as well as relieving stress. Research carried out by the National Gardens Scheme (NGS) showed that more than a third of people questioned (39%) said that being in a garden makes them feel healthier, while 79% believed that access to a garden is essential for a better quality of life.

Imagine being able to just do the nice parts of gardening, potting fresh plants and arranging the furniture for optimum sunlight, without the worry of mowing your lawn. Well, you can, thanks to Flymo!

The Robotic Mower 1200R from Flymo is specifically designed for people who have better things to do. Maybe you’d like to get fitter following World Health Day, try a new hobby, or just relax in a freshly mown garden. All of this is possible! Thanks to its irregular mowing pattern the 1200R mows lawns up to 400m2, effectively, reliably and without wheel ruts. After programming, the 1200R starts on its own at the set times, even when it rains! With a powerful and low maintenance easy-care lithium-ion 18V/1.6Ah battery, which ensures a reliable and energy-saving operation. The 1200R works quietly and without emissions, which means you can even set it to mow during the night, with no worry of disturbing your neighbours.

View the Flymo Robotic Mower 1200R

The Flymo 1200R Robotic Mower has many great features which allow you to enjoy a range of other activities. With World Health Day approaching, what could you do?

Take a day trip!
The Flymo Robotic mower needs no assistance. It will cut your lawn and return to its charging station, and this allows you the time to leave the house and explore what Britain has to offer, knowing you’ll be coming back to an immaculate lawn.

Improve your garden health
If you don’t fancy any exploring, you can take the time to do other jobs, like plant some new bulbs to attract wildlife, promoting the health of your garden.

Improve your mental health
If you don’t fancy that either, why not try a crossword or a mind puzzle to keep your mind fit and healthy.

Train for a charitable event and keep fit
Whether it’s the Great North Run or Bupa’s Race For Life, those hours you once spent mowing the lawn can now be used to keep fit and healthy and even raise money for a charity. This year, you could swap your gardening clothes for sportswear, and spend your mornings keeping fit, all for a great cause.

flymo 1200r

The Flymo Robotic 1200R Lawnmower is a time saver that could revolutionise the way you garden. Without the need to clear grass clippings and with the ability to work overnight in silence, you’ll find time on your hands which perhaps you’ve never had before.

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