DIY Garden Ideas You Can Do In A Weekend

A little DIY in the garden can be a very rewarding activity whilst turning your garden into the perfect outdoor oasis. By doing a little planning and putting a few hours aside, your garden will become the envy of your neighbors. Garden DIY can be a great form of exercise, help you unwind, and also keep your wallet happy. Here are 10 ideas to help you and your garden flourish.

1. Upcycle

Up cycling is perhaps one of the more rewarding DIY pursuits; as it makes use of unwanted objects and turns them into beautiful and additions to the home and garden. It can also be the cheapest as the unwanted products can often be of little or no value when you get your hands on them. You would be amazed as to what you can do with certain discarded items! With a few light tweaks you can re-purpose an unwanted object into the perfect chic item for your garden.

2. Make The Most Of Wooden Pallets

Wooden pallets are very versatile and, as such, are a DIY fanatic’s bread and butter. The pallets are designed with simplicity and strength in mind so they can transport the heavy goods. As a result, they can be adapted to any scenario – especially in the garden.

A lick of paint and cushions could be all you need to create outdoor seating. You could also screw several pallets together to create a raised decking area. They can also be built into tables, planters or even storage! With wooden pallets the possibilities are endless, so your only limitation is your own imagination.

3. Take Advantage Of Tree Stumps

This may take more than a weekend to plan, however the rewards can be immense. If you have a tree in an awkward place in your garden you may prefer to cut it down to free up space. Depending on how high you leave the tree stump, you can create a beautiful and natural garden table. You can then add a round table top and you have the perfect bar-height table for your al fresco garden parties.

4. Bespoke Bird Feeders

This is a basic DIY project that your feathered garden friends will be forever grateful for, which will also attract more birds each year. DIY bird feeders are simple to create, and basic household objects can form the basis for a one of a kind bird feeder that attract birds all year round.

Even something as simple as an upturned empty wine bottle can provide the perfect dispenser for bird feed. You will need to create a housing to hold the bottle and collect the bird feed at the business end of the bottle. After this you will need to fill the bottle with bird feed and fasten in place so that the feed falls out of the upturned bottle. As birds gorge on the food in the collection area, more feed will fall out of the bottle.

5. Build Your Own Miniature Pond

A lot of us dream about having a pond in our garden, however, size restrictions can often make it unfeasible to have a substantial enough pond. If your garden is small it may be too much to ask for a large koi carp pond, but it would only take a few hours to build a miniature pond. You can do this with a box made from cedar and pressure-treated plywood, which can provide a beautiful addition to any garden.

With a bit of planning and some ambition you can even factor in a water feature, which can be made from other up-cycled objects such as old metal watering cans.

6. Outdoor Fridge

Dreaming about that summer garden party already? To really impress your guests you can spend a few hours putting together an outdoor drink cooler. For your cooler box to sit in, or if you are feeling more adventurous, you can build wooden side panels and a lid to make the box more hidden. You could then decorate this any way you want, meaning it can be the perfect addition to any garden party with any theme. Fill with ice and drinks, and you are instantly the envy of your neighbors.

7. Shed Old Looks

Is your shed looking a bit tired? A quick refresh can be the simplest way to add a bit more energy to your garden. Even if you don’t want to clean out the insides of the shed, a lick of paint can do wonders for the outdoors. Of course if you do clean out the inside of your shed you can transform it into an extra room in your house where you can entertain, relax or even work.

8. Create A Living Wall

A privacy screen can sometimes be the perfect way to provide you with the relaxing oasis you want your garden to be. Why not make it entirely out of plants? There are so many different plants that you can make a wall from and, with the right planning, you can make it the perfect size, shape, and colour scheme. Not only will your garden have a beautiful secluded area but it will also be made of eco-friendly plants. It may smell nice too!

9. Seed Planters Come In All Shapes And Sizes

Plant pots can be quite dull. Do you fancy trying something a little bit more creative? The good news is you can make beautiful chic planters out of so many things. Anything from a bespoke build out of wood or stone or even utilizing other objects; from bicycles to ladders, the possibilities are endless. A series of painted colanders could make the perfect hanging plant decoration, and the holes in the colander can then add a little decorative element that you wouldn’t get from a typical hanging basket.

You would be amazed at the everyday items you can use as planters. If you have an old tire, for example, this can be the perfect home for any new plants as it is strong enough to hold together but also can flex according to the plant. You can either place it flat on the ground and have a lovely raised bed, or if you have any handily placed trees you can hang them from a branch with the plants growing inside the tire grooves. Leaving it with its original colour gives a rugged look to any garden however you may prefer to spray paint the tire or applying a cover.

10. Get Creative With Lighting

When summer arrives and the longer evenings set in you may want to spend a weekend outdoors building some lovely lighting. This can be as simple as paint some jam jars with different colours before you place lit tea-lights inside. Old tin cans can also be excellent decorative lighting with a splash of paint and some holes cut into the can. These can also be a great activity to involve the rest of the family in too. If you would rather go for something more extravagant the jam jars can be hooked up to actual light bulbs creating a gorgeous outdoor chandelier or bunting.