A review of the Flymo UltraGlide

The UltraGlide is one of the most popular and in demand machines Flymo has produced. We believe it makes mowing quicker and easier than ever before, but don’t take our word for it.

We spoke to Flymo customer, John Irving - from Hebburn in the North East, who told us what he thought of the UltraGlide.

UltraGlide cuts over edges

Hi John, firstly, how big is your garden?

I have two gardens. My front lawn is 80 square meters and my back lawn is 92 square meters. I use the UltraGlide to cut both lawns and it does the job.

Is this your first Flymo mower or have you had previous models?

No this isn’t my first Flymo. I’ve actually had two previous Flymo lawn mowers, both of these were hover mowers. I find that Flymo mowers do the job correctly but the UltraGlide is the best mower I’ve had from Flymo no doubt about it!

What was your mower previously?

The last mower I had was also a Flymo although I cannot remember the name of it. It was a hover and I had it for three years before I bought the UltraGlide.

Can you remember your first ever lawnmower?

Yes, my first ever lawn mower was actually a Qualcast mower over 25 years ago. This was what I call a push along lawnmower. In comparison to this I liked the hover mower in – it glided over the lawn making for easy use in the garden.

What stood out to you about the UltraGlide mower and why did you prefer it over other models available?

I was actually part of the test team for the UltraGlide and it definitely stood out. It had a number of features which I really liked. The thing that struck me the most was the lack of grass that was left on the lawn. The UltraGlide seemed to suck it all up and left for very little collection after you had mowed. I liked the hand wing and I also liked how it could cut right up to the wall. I have a pond in my garden and it cuts right up to the edge without a problem.

What are your favourite features of the machine?

It’s a lot easier to handle. It’s honestly the best Flymo I’ve had. As I explained, it goes up to the edge of the lawn and normally with hover lawn mowers, you’d have to clear up afterwards with a broom. The UltraGlide also doesn’t lose its hover and you can move it from side to side when using it. This is all great, but my favourite features are without a doubt the grass box and simple lever to change the cutting heights – that simple lever saves so much hassle. Previously you would have to take the blade off and adjust it, the lever on the UltraGlide is helpful and time saving.

How easy was it to assemble?

Fairly easy – the only slight problem I had was getting the handle in the grass box for the first time. This needed a good push in order for it to slot in.

How would you compare the UltraGlide to your previous lawnmower?

The UltraGlide’s movement and cushion of air are much better – the fact that it doesn’t lose its hover means you can move it from side to side and cut in different directions.

How do you think lawn mowing technology has improved?

I think the biggest change has been to lawn mowing ergonomics. Nowadays, with the UltraGlide model there is no need to brush up cuttings. This is an ergonomic thing and a great advancement.

Would you recommend the UltraGlide to friends and family?

Yes most definitely and I have recommended it to neighbours. I’d recommend it to anyone.

Would you recommend the UltraGlide to friends and family?

Yes most definitely and I have recommended it to neighbours. I’d recommend it to anyone.

We’re always looking to improve our machines, if anything, what would you like to change on the UltraGlide?

I can’t really fault the machine but if I had things my way I’d like a cable which could disconnect from the machine. I also sometimes find the cable on the right is a little bit short so I’d like to make that bigger – overall, very minor things. Also when I speak to people about the machine they have commented that it’s a little bit too big for what they want. I think if Flymo were to make the same machine but two thirds of the size they would be on to a winner.