Insects in your garden

Whether your garden is your relaxing retreat, or is filled with children and grand-children…or a happy mix of both, you must work in conjunction with nature, to maintain a healthy garden.

All it takes is a little bit of knowledge, being able to identify which bugs are good, which are bad, and which are just plain ugly.

Check out these bad, and beneficial bugs!



These cute polka-dot bugs are avid eaters, and one of the best for your garden. They eat spider mites, aphids, and various soft bodied insects. You can use these plants to attract them; Coriander, Marigold and Queen Anne’s lace.

Ground Beetles

Regardless of always wanting to step on these, they are actually great for the garden. They are the large creepy bugs, that hide under the rocks and scramble fast when you discover them. They eat slugs, snails, and more. You can invite these critters to your garden, with rocks, leaves, mulch, and low growing plants for shelter.

Lace Wing

With their beautiful lacy wings, these flying insects like to hang out on windows and screens in the summer, and seem more annoying than anything – but they are helpful too. They eat white flies, aphids, spider mites, and other small insects. Cosmos, attracts lacewing.

Spider Mites

These little creatures may look innocent and harmless but they are destructive! They are often orange, but can be yellow or green, eating plant sap, causing yellow spots, and yellow leaves.


Another one of the most destructive insects you could find in the garden. A small, translucent, green bug (but can be other colours) that sucks plant sap from stems and leaves, resulting in yellow, brown, and wilted leaves.


In order to become a beautiful butterfly, these creatures consume enormous amounts of leaves and tunnel into fruits. Some insects, and birds, are their natural predators.

Now you are armed with the basic information, it may help you battle some of the bad bugs, and the good ones!