School's out! Get them gardening

The end of the school term has finally arrived, and many of your children will be looking forward to six great weeks off! I’m sure the question is circling your brain of how to keep them busy like it does every year, alongside the family holidays, theme parks, cinema and bowling…why not introduce them to gardening?

gardening children

Make a space for everyone

Designate a special area of the garden to each child. Make this THEIR area, their plants, their vegetables, their responsibility. Depending on the size of the garden and the room you have, their space could be their own bedding area, or a pot on the porch. Try to make it an ‘easy to access’ area, so nothing gets trampled on during their gardening!

Buy them their own set of ‘kid-sized’ tools

Many places sell gardening tools for children, specifically designed to boost their gardening interests. A watering can, set of hand tools, garden markers, and a pair of brightly coloured gloves. Children love to dress the part, so will show more interest when they are in full gear. The garden markers will make their bed or pot colourful, and they will be able to see, where they planted what!

Dwarf Gardens

Lots of plants have dwarf varieties which is ideal if you struggle for space. There are also a lot of tiny plants, or plants with tiny flowers, which could be included too. Another thing they might like to do, is try and grow their own Bonsai trees. These can be grown in small pockets of soil, or small pots. The idea is to keep them tiny, so if you have limited space these are perfect.


Choose child-friendly plants

Sunflowers are a great start because they germinate quickly, so these are perfect if you have an impatient little one. They have large seeds too, which are easy for little hands to hold. If they are excited about growing their own food, try peas, cherry tomatoes and potatoes.

Let them get dirty!

Children don’t want formal, perfect gardening. Digging around in the dirt is the perfect activity if they are fascinated by the feel of wriggly critters in their hands. Just ensure they’re digging in their own designated space!

Dinosaurs or Fairies?

Anything! If you have the space, making a tyre garden is a really cool idea. If you have the room, to lay a spare tyre on a bed, fill with soil, and let your children add their favourite toys/characters from films, or anything they desire – it makes a fun outdoor (and messy!) play area.

When it comes to gardening, they might want to make mazes, or patterns and pictures out of the colours of different plants. The ideas are as limitless as their imagination, and with their own gardening space, who knows what you will end up with.