Get A Perfect Lawn By Doing Nothing

A great looking lawn is not only the ideal location for a summer BBQ with family and friends, but it can add value to your home too. This can be easily achieved whilst you sit in your armchair and watch the TV.

How?! I hear you ask. Well, a robotic lawnmower is the ideal solution for those with little free time, or for those that dislike mowing the lawn. A robotic lawnmower like the Flymo 1200R, cuts the grass little by little each day, ensuring a carpet like finish to your lawn. By cutting the grass a little at a time, it promotes thicker grass growth - ensuring less space between the blades of grass.

Robotic Robotic Lawnmower


Because a robotic lawnmower only cuts a small amount of grass each time, the grass clippings easily break down and fertilise the lawn. Grass is rich in nitrogen, so this promotes healthy, green grass growth, adding to the visual appeal of your lawn.

Installing a robotic lawnmower into your garden is simple too. You can do-it-yourself straight out of the box. Simply lay a boundary wire that defines the area of the lawn you want to cut, and a robotic lawnmower will cut the lawn in a random pattern, so whatever the garden shape, all parts are covered! If you need help installing your Robotic mower, you can find it in our Robotic Support Centre.


Day or night

Day or night, rain or shine, robotic lawnmowers will silently cut your lawn giving you the perfect finish…every day of the week. Fully programmable, most robotic lawnmowers allow you to set a time and day/s of the week that you prefer the lawnmower to cut. Using their highly sensitive collision sensors, these innovative lawnmowers will avoid fallen debris like tree branches and mole hills etc, whilst still ensuring a perfect finish to your lawn.

Robotic lawnmowers are fitted with lift and tilt sensors that stop the blades from turning the instant the mower is moved from its ordinary working position. They usually come with a manual overwrite button to turn the mower off if you ever need it to.

What are you waiting for?!

Robotic lawnmowers are available to buy from most good retailers including Argos, Homebase and Amazon. Get the perfect lawn today!

For more product information and help or details regarding our Flymo’s installation service, contact our dedicated Robotic team on 0844 844 4558 or visit our Specialist Robotic Mower Support Centre.

Robotic Robtoic Lawnmower 1200 R
Working area capacity (±20) 400 m²
Typical charging time 50 min
Alarm Yes