The Seasoned Gardener: Lawn Care Tips For Each Season

As with most gardening tasks timing is very important. With every season comes a unique set of tasks which you need to keep on top of to keep your garden looking its best.

Of course, the seasonal weather conditions may vary depending on where in world you live but the basic principles remain the same – preparation for each season ahead is imperative.

For a healthy lawn that stay luscious all year round, follow our season season-by-season guide.

Hover Vac 280
Hover Vac 280 Left Facing
Power 1300 W
Cutting width 30 cm
Cable length 10 m
Mighti Mo 300 Li
Cutting Height, min-max 25-65 mm
Cutting width 30 cm
Contour 500E
Contour 500E Left Facing
Power 500 W
Cutting width 25 cm
Lawn edge facility Yes
Lawnrake Compact 3400
Lawnrake Compact 3400
Cutting height max 8 mm
Cutting height min -5 mm
Cutting width 34 cm
GardenVac 2700
Garden Vac 2500/2700
Air speed 59 m/s
Weight 5.1 kg