Flymo's Simple Guide to Garden Trends for 2017

With spring on its way and the days getting longer, many homeowners are starting to make the move back out into the garden and plan ahead to get it looking in great condition for the warmer months.

Here, the UK’s leading lawnmower brand Flymo explains some key trends which will dominate how we garden in 2017 and gives its top tips as to how beginners can easily achieve them in their outdoor space:

Urban Gardening

More people are now choosing to live in rented properties, or have smaller gardens due to living in or near the city. With this in mind space is of course at a premium, as is the need for more lightweight and compact tools. Flymo’s first Lithium Ion battery powered lawnmower – the Mighti Mo 300 Li – launches this spring and is ideal for those city gardeners looking to keep their grass in tip top condition with minimal fuss. This small but mighty wheeled lawnmower is quiet, easy to use and enables you to enjoy the freedom of cordless mowing – no more battling with extension cables – and once finished, the Mighti-Mo can be neatly folded away and stored.

Grow Your Own

With the increasing popularity of health and fitness influencers, veganism and ‘clean eating’, more consumers are realising that the best way to know where everything they eat is coming from, is to grow it themselves. You can start small with a window box full of herbs, or cordon off a patch of garden and experiment with a few of the hardier vegetables such as radishes, green beans or onions. Once you’ve got the hang of it, you could even progress to a greenhouse full of fruits and vegetables of every shape and size! It’s a great way to try something new, as well as being eco-friendly and cost effective.


Last year, it was all about embracing the cosiness of Hygge – for 2017 it’s more about a way of living as opposed to a momentary state of bliss. Lagom translates to “not too much, not too little” and is centred around the idea of being frugal, fair and leading the perfectly balanced life. Of course, as we’ve already mentioned in the tip above, gardening can be a great way to introduce frugality into your household by growing your own fruit and vegetables. Embracing the upcycling movement and adding a lick of paint to your old garden furniture rather than buying new, or revamping your garden shed as an organised haven with all your tools in their rightful place are other ways in which you can introduce Lagom into your life this spring.

Bringing The Outdoors In

It’s a well-known fact that introducing plants in to the home is beneficial in many ways – from helping clean the air to having a positive impact on levels of concentration. There’s been a surge in popularity of cacti and terrariums over the previous months, enabling even the most novice of gardeners to introduce plants in to their homes. For those who are comfortable embracing their green-fingered side, there are a wealth of leafy tropical plants that can be introduced, or for something a little more traditional you can introduce 1970’s macramé plant hangers, ferns or even olive trees. The Pantone Colour of the Year 2017 is Greenery, so it’s the perfect way to introduce this into the home if you’re not quite brave enough to crack open a tin of green paint!

Convenience Is Key

Time is now a precious commodity for most consumers and instant gratification is key, meaning convenience gardening is on the rise. This could be in the form of easy to manage, already blooming plants that can transform an empty border in the space of an afternoon, or investing in tools of the trade to help keep on top of your outdoor space. Flymo has long been known by its simple brand ethos ‘Easier by Design’, meaning it has been able to grow and develop its product offering whilst still enabling customers to do all their essential gardening tasks quickly and easily, with minimal fuss. Whether you’re looking for a traditional hover mower, a hedge trimmer to tame those unruly bushes or a garden vac to tidy up once all the jobs are done, Flymo is always on-hand to help.

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