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No cables & hassle free.

With a battery product, there's no where you can't go to cut the grass or trim a hedge. Being cable free, you no longer need to worry about getting your power lead or extension cable tangled in your hedges or bushes, or run the risk of cutting the cable.
No Cables - cordless grass trimmers
No direct emissions when using a battery lawn mower

At one with nature.

Cordless battery powered products not only make your life easier when working in the garden, but they also help nurture it too. Unlike petrol products, battery lawn mowers, grass trimmers and hedge trimmers produce zero direct harmful emissions and make for a more pleasant working environment. They are also quieter too! Like many others, Flymo see battery products as the future of gardening.

Interchangable batteries.

All Flymo cordless grass trimmers and battery powered hedge trimmers use the same batteries. This means you can use the battery from one product and use it in the other of the same voltage.
Interchangeable battery


The all new Flymo Lithium-Ion battery products come in these handy Combi packs, giving you the tools to complete a variety of garden tasks without worrying about a cord.

Lawn Mowers

These battery powered lawn mowers are perfect for gardens of all shapes and sizes. With no power cables these lawn mowers can reach all corners of your garden with ease.

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