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Garden Vacuums & Leaf Blowers

Keep your garden clear of leaves and debris all year round with ease. Flymo's 2 in 1 blower vacs can be used as either a leaf blower to gather fallen leaves into a pile, or as a garden vacuum to collect and shred them for composting.

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Use as a garden vacuum or leaf blower.

Collect or gather fallen leaves with the same tool by selecting from our range of multi-purpose blower-vacs. These also allow you to use your Flymo as both a leaf blower and a garden vacuum. Changing between modes is easy, too, as it requires no tools and can be done in just a few seconds.

Change from blow to vacuum mode
Shreds leaves for reduced volume in collection bag

Shredding benefits you and your garden.

All Flymo garden vacuums shred leaves as they’re collected, helping you reduce the volume of leaves to give you more collection capacity as well as fewer emptying stoppages. The leaves are broken down into a fine mulch that’s ideal for your compost bin or for adding to your flower beds to create a layer of frost protection.

Collect even wet leaves.

If you’re having problems with wet leaves, the Flymo GardenVac 2700 is the best leaf vacuum for you. Its Jet Vac mode provides an extra powerful jet of air that lifts the fallen leaves from the floor before sucking them up for collection.

Collect even wet leaves

Garden Vacuums & Leaf Blowers

Powerful electric garden vacuums from Flymo. The quick and easy way to clear leaves from your garden and surrounding property.

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