Flymo Easi Glide 330 - Hover Mower

Article number: 966555001
This powerful Lawnmower is everything you need for a neat and tidy garden. The Flymo Easi Glide 330 is a lightweight 9kg, grass collecting hover lawnmower ideal for small to medium sized lawns. The hover principle works by the motor driving a fan which is located above the cutting blade. The fan draws air in from the cutting housing which creates a cushion of air lifting the mower from the lawn. The Easi Glide using its 1400 watt motor and 33cm metal blade glides across the lawn cutting and collecting the grass into an easy to empty 20 litre capacity collection box. It has a range of 4 cutting heights from 1cm to 3cm allowing you to choose the appropriate height for your lawn conditions. The mower has a double handed switchbox to enable comfortable left or right handed use, and comes with 12m of attached cable. For your convenience the mower comes fully assembled, simply lift out of the box, pull the handle up, and plug into the mains electricity and you are ready to go.
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Product specification


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Fully Assembled

Ready to use out of the box. Just plug and mow.

Folds for neat, easy storage

Easy to Store

Handles fold down for neat, tidy and easy storage.


Light and Easy to use

Lightweight and easy to use lawnmower that floats on a cushion of air. Highly maneuverable making it ideal for irregular shaped lawns and slopes.

Easy to empty

Easy to Empty

Easy access to the grass collection box, makes it quick and easy to remove and empty.

Easy to carry

Easy to Carry

Small and lightweight lawnmower with convenient rear handle make it easy to carry to and from the lawn.

Cuts and compacts

Collects and Compacts

Collects and compact more grass for less emptying.

Easy Fold Handles

Comes fully assembled and folds away for storage.



Cutting width
33 cm
Cutting height steps
Cutting height min
10 mm
Cutting height max
30 mm
Cutting height adjustment
Collector volume
20 l
Blade type


1400 W
Cable length
12 m


135 cm
Product size, folded handle height
69 cm
143 cm
40 cm
8.8 kg

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