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Electric Lawn Rakes

Remove moss, thatch and fallen leaves from your lawn the quick and easy way with an electric lawn rake. Unlike regular lawn rakes, a powered one is much easier to use, adjustable and collects leaves and debris as you work in a handy collection box that compacts the debris for greater collection capacity.

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What is thatch?

Thatch is the build-up of organic material that prevents essential daylight and water from reaching the grass blades. This makes it harder for healthy grass to grow as well as making it more susceptible to disease and pests. It’s recommended that you remove moss and thatch from your lawn once or twice a year- an electric lawn rake can make this job fast and hassle-free.

Remove moss and thatch to from your lawn
Scarifying your lawn

The quick and easy way to remove moss, thatch & fallen leaves

A Flymo electric lawn rake removes the back breaking manual work of a handheld lawn rake. It makes removing moss and thatch quick and easy while collecting and compacting it into its unique collection box. Adjust its raking height using, its convenient central height adjuster.

Flymo collects leaves too!

An electric lawn rake is the multi-purpose tool you shouldn’t live without. Flymo lawn rakes not only remove moss and thatch but can remove leaves too. Simply set the collection height to its highest setting and watch the leaves disappear from your lawn.

Flymo lawn rake

Lawn rakes

Powerful electric lawn rakes with a unique compacting collection box to remove moss and thatch for a healthier lawn.

Parts and Accessories

Find helpful related parts & accessories for your Flymo machine.