Flymo Lawn Rake Compact 3400

Article number: 966831202
A powerful electric lawnrake with a unique compacting collection box to remove moss and thatch for a healthier lawn. The Flymo Lawnrake Compact 34000 collects and compacts moss and thatch into its easy to remove and empty collection box.
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Product specification


Lawn Rake Compact 340

Powerful cylinder rake

Powerful cylinder rake removes unwanted moss and thatch

Lawn Rake Compact 340

Vision window

Unique Vision window that lets you see when the collection box needs emptying to reduce stoppages.

Lawn Rake Compact 340

Collects & compacts

Collects and compacts the moss and thatch for less emptying.

Easy to remove collection box

Easy to empty

Easy to remove & empty collection box



750 W
12.3 kg


Cutting height steps
Cutting height max
8 mm
Cutting height min
-5 mm

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