Frequently Asked Questions: Robot Lawnmowers

Here you will find the most commonly asked questions about our Robotic Mower.

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Q. HELP! I have forgotten my PIN code?

A - If you have forgotten your PIN code, which many people do - don't worry, its easily solved.

Press and hold down the number 9 on your keypad then call our Customer Service Team on 0344 844 4558 - with the sequence of numbers and letters that appear on your screen.

Please always have your product and serial number (these can be found on the silver rating label on the machine), and proof of purchase at hand.

Q. How does the 1200R work and how does it know where to go?

A - The working area is defined by a perimeter wire (called loop wire) that you can compare with the fence for sheep. The robotic lawnmower cuts the grass in a random pattern within the fence. That gives a carpet-like nice looking result.

You can use the 1200R's timer settings to make the operation time to suit you and your garden. For each 30m2 lawn area, please program one hour of operation time per day.

Example - For a lawn of 300m2, from 7.00 until 17.00 or from 7.00 until 12.00 and again from 15.00 until 20.00 (7 days a week). During that operation time, the Flymo Robotic Lawnmower 1200R will independently mow and charge. You can increase the time per day and skip cutting one day per week. You will find more examples on how to set the timer in the installation manual.

Robotic FAQ

Q. How much grass won't be cut?

A - The amount of uncut grass depends on how close the loop wire can be laid to the edge of the grass.

5cm from the edge gives no uncut grass -- 20cm from the edge gives approximately 12cm uncut grass -- 30cm from the edge gives approximately 20cm uncut grass. Note that the amount of uncut grass can be reduced or even eliminated with some rearrangement of your garden, for example by replacing the outer part of the lawn with flat stones or concrete.

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Q. How long does it take to recharge?

A - When the Flymo Robotic Lawnmower 1200R needs more power, it will automatically return to the charging station and charges for approximately 80-100 minutes to regain a full charge. After having completed the charging process the robotic mower automatically starts cutting the grass again.
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