Are Flymo Robotic Lawnmowers worth the cost?

A commonly asked question with a simple answer – yes! A robotic lawn mower is definitely worth it, even if we do say so, and here are the reasons why.

(1) It's a time saver

Imagine what you could do with all the time you spend cutting the lawn over the spring and summer months. For example, if you cut the lawn twice a month in April and May, and once a week starting from June to the end of August, and twice a month in September for roughly 30 minutes, than that equates to 540 minutes...which is a whopping 9 hours!

What could you do with 9 hours?

1) Drive from Newcastle to Land’s End (according to Google Maps)

2) Catch up on those box sets/TV programs you’ve recorded but just not had the time to watch

3) Watch 6 football matches

4) Watch 4 theatre performances

These are just a few examples of the things you could do instead of cutting the lawn.

Still need convincing that a robotic mower is worth it? Keep reading!

rob outdoors

(2) Cheaper and easier to store than a sit-on lawnmower

For larger gardens, some people look to buy a sit on lawn mower like a garden tractor. These types of lawnmower may be fun to use, but they are also expensive with starting prices around £1,200 – that’s roughly £300 MORE than a Flymo robotic lawnmower.

Not only that, but with a sit on lawn mower you need somewhere large enough to store it when it’s not in use, with a robotic lawn mower you can just leave it in the garden over the summer and because they are so small store its neatly in the corner over the winter.

(3) Cuts at night - so you can enjoy the sun

When do you want to spend time in the garden? Generally during the day when the sun is out – but when do you cut it? During the day too, meaning those nine hours during the spring / summer that you are out in the garden cutting the lawn, you could be outside having a BBQ or relaxing with a cup of tea.

Because a Flymo robotic mower is so quiet and fully programmable, you can set the mower to cut the grass at night when you are asleep so you can enjoy spending time in the garden when the sun is shining.