What are the running costs of the 1200R?

Like any lawnmower, a robotic mower needs maintenance from time to time. These can be performed by an Authorised Flymo Dealer, or by you at home. Below, are some of the running costs associated with owning a Flymo Robotic Mower.

Q. Replacement Lawnmower Blades

It is typically recommended that robotic lawn mower blades are replaced every 3 months when cutting lawns greater than 300m2. When cutting lawns smaller than this, the blades will need to be changed less frequently. The lifetime of the blades also depends on the type of grass and soil of your lawn.

A dull or blunt mower blade is more likely to tear the grass, resulting in a poor finish to your lawn. Replacement mower blades are available at the Official Flymo WebShop. Part Number – 2405054OH.

Q. Battery Life

The battery used in the Flymo 1200R is maintenance free, but has a limited life span of 2 to 4 years. Battery life is dependent on the length of the season and how many hours a day the robotic lawnmower is used. A long grass cutting seasons or many hours use in a day means that the battery must be replaced more regularly. You can replace the battery in your robotic lawnmower yourself, or take it to an Authorised Flymo Dealer to do it for you.

Q. Electricity Costs

One cost that you cannot avoid when owning a robotic lawn mower is the cost of the electricity used to run the lawnmower. Because robotic mowers are cordless they use batteries to operate. These batteries need charging regularly. This is an ongoing, running cost of a robot lawnmower that varies depending on your power provider and how often it is set to run. The more often you cut the grass, the more frequently it will need to charge – therefore, the higher the cost of your cordless lawnmower.

Q. Other Replacement Parts

In the box of every Flymo robotic mower 1200R, 150 metres of boundary wire is provided. For most users, this is sufficient to install their cordless mower. For more complex lawns, additional boundary wire may be required.