We Meet The Founder Of Kotanical Karl Murray

From designers and architects to ethical entrepreneurs, the Flymo Lawn Lives interview series gets to know the stories behind the people who started inspiring ventures from their back gardens. This month, we met the founder of the first company in Ireland to distil essential oil, Karl Murray.

Tell Us About Your Business?

KOTANICAL is the first company in Ireland to distil essential oil. I source my ingredients from natural native sources and I’m currently growing a range of essential oil crops for 2018!

Why Did You Start Your Business?

While studying aromatherapy, I became aware of the lack of quality of essential oils available in Ireland. I also surprisingly discovered there was no one distilling essential oil in Ireland considering the growing popularity of home brewing and the interest in alternative and natural products. I bought the equipment from overseas and spent 4 years experimenting out in my garden whenever the weather permitted.

What Has Been The Highlight So Far?

When business started to take off it became increasingly difficult to source large quantities of herbs and plants and there was definitely no more room in my small garden. I decided to take the leap and establish my own crop of peppermint in a nearby farm.

What Do You Love About Working In Your Garden Space?

When you’ve been involved in the whole process, from planting the seed, harvesting the crop and peacefully distilling in the garden, there’s nothing more rewarding than getting great feedback from customers from a homemade product.

Describe Your Dream Garden

My dream garden would have a sea of lavender, a field of peppermint and an indoor garden with neroli in blossom. I frequently cycle around my local park, St. Annes, just outside Dublin City, and they have a beautiful rose garden.

Are You Inspired By Your Garden?

My garden has seen a lot. The failed batches. The smell of success. I have spilled many seeds over the years and now an abundance of clover grows between the patio slabs. My garden is where I started and whenever I’m blessed with a good day, I return to it and experiment.

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