Cordless Grass Trimmers

Combining the convenience of being cordless with a powerful design, our battery powered cordless grass trimmers are ideal for any size garden. Not only do they prevent you from snagging cables as you cut or getting them wrapped around trees, but they also eliminate the need for petrol and are extremely quiet too.

The Convenience of Battery Power

Our Flymo cordless grass trimmers allow you to effortlessly trim grass anywhere in your garden, no matter how big your lawn area is. That’s all down to their battery-operated designs that remove the restrictions of cables while still being powerful and extremely lightweight. What’s more, they also use the exact same batteries as our hedge trimmers which means you can interchange the batteries in products with the same voltage.

Lightweight and Low Noise

Compared to petrol powered trimmers, our battery grass trimmers are much quieter, meaning you won’t have to worry about being too noisy when you’re tidying up your garden. They’re also extremely lightweight too, making them easy to carry around without putting too much strain on your arms or wrists as you trim.

Zero Harmful Emissions

Our cordless battery powered grass trimmers give off zero fumes and no direct emissions. This not only makes them cleaner to work with but more environmentally-friendly too, when compared to petrol trimmers.

Cordless Grass Trimmers

Discover the range of battery grass trimmers from Flymo. These quiet and power cordless grass trimmers are packed full of innovative features allowing you to trim the edges of your lawn quickly and easily for a neat and tidy finish.