Electric Grass Trimmers

A range of powerful lightweight electric grass trimmers that are easy to use and make trimming the edges of your lawn quick and easy.

No Stopping - Until The Job Is Done!

Never worry about running out of petrol or charge in your battery when using a corded electric grass trimmer. Continue working on the job in hand, whether it's trimming the edges of your lawn, or cutting longer grass until the job is done.

Neat & Tidy Finish

If you want a neat and tidy finish, then Flymo has an electric grass trimmer for you. Flymo has a range of 2 in 1 and 3 in 1 grass trimmers, that allow you to switch your ordinary electric grass trimmer, into edging mode to cut vertically down the edge of your lawn for a neater finish. Some even have shrubbing mode which allows you to flatten the body of your electric grass trimmer so that you can cut underneath awkward areas of your garden like trampolines and garden benches with ease.

Heavy Duty Tasks

For tougher task a heavy duty electric grass trimmer like the Flymo Power Trim 600HD or Flymo Contour 650E is the ideal product. These grass trimmers are fitted with thicker cutting line letting you cut thicker, denser grass when compared to other grass trimmers.

Electric Grass Trimmers

Discover a wide variety of electric grass trimmers capable of tackling even the most challenging gardens.