Electric Hedge Trimmers

Tackle hedges big or small with the Flymo electric hedge trimmer range. Designed for easier, safer and more comfortable handling, these electric hedges trimmers give you the power to maintain your garden.

Tall hedge - no challenge

For taller hedges the Flymo EasiCut 610XT or SabreCut XT are the perfect choice. While our EasiCut 610XT electric hedge trimmer has an extended reach handle to let you trim difficult to reach places while remaining on the ground, our Flymo SabreCut XT can be extended to up to three metres in length to let you effortlessly trim the tops of tall hedges without using a ladder. It’s also great for cutting ground cover too!

Keep your feet on the ground with extended reach hedge trimmers

Keeping Cables Out Of The Way

Thanks to our Flymo electric hedge trimmers’ built-in cable hooks, you can keep cables safe and well out of the way of your cutting blade. Having them neatly folded away also prevents you from damaging the cable by accidentally standing on it when the hedge trimmer is in use.

Lightweight and quiet

Unlike petrol powered machines that can be loud and difficult to carry, our electric hedge trimmers are very lightweight and barely make any noise.

Electric Hedge Trimmers

All of Flymo's electric grass trimmers come with soft grip handles for more comfortable use. Using double action blades, means both the top and bottom cutting blades move, ensuring that the foliage is cut - not torn, for a neater cut and healthier long term growth of your hedges and bushes.