Flymo 20V C-LiNK Grass Trimmer

Article number: 967864901
Perfect for small to medium sized gardens, the C-Li 20VGT has a cutting width of 30cm, allowing you to trim the edges of your garden with ease. The small but mighty 2.5Ah lithium-ion battery is the first of its kind for handheld Flymo products. Weighing only 2.7kg the C-Li 20VGT also features superb cordless freedom, bump feed head, interchangeable capabilities and an adjustable handle. Also compatible with the C-Li 20VHT and C-Li 20VB.
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Product specification


C-Link 20V Trimmer - Lightweight and easy to use


Makes using the product less tiring and combats fatigue


Interchangeable Concept

Interchangeable power head fits in to all C-Link products. Grass Trimmer, Hedge Trimmer and Blower

C-Link 20V Trimmer - Adjustable Handle

Adjustable Handle

Change the position of the handle for maximum user comfort

C-Link 20V Power Head - Powerful 20V 2.5Ah Li-Ion battery

20V Li-ion Battery

Powerful 20V 2.5Ah lithium ion battery that's easy to fit and remove.


Cutting line

Cutting width
30 cm


Battery voltage
20 V


Feed mechanism