Hedge trimmer cutting the side of a hedge

Hedge Trimmers

Maintain the hedges and bushes in your garden with very little effort using our Flymo cordless hedge trimmers and electric hedge trimmers. They’re all designed to be safe and easy to use, as well as comfortable for when you’re spending long periods of time tidying up your overgrown hedges and bushes.

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Extendable handles for hard to reach hedges

Cutting taller hedges without a ladder can often be tricky using a standard trimmer. Here at Flymo, we make it easy by providing you with two hedge trimmer options to enable you to neaten foliage in difficult to reach places. While some of our products have unique extended reach handles, others such as our Flymo Sabrecut can be adjusted to be up to three metres in length.

Keep your feet on the ground with extended reach hedge trimmers
Cordless battery powered hedge trimmers

Quiet and unrestricted movement

While our electric hedge trimmers are powerful and easy to use, our cordless hedge trimmers offer the added bonus of being cable free and providing unrestricted movement around the garden. They allow you to trim hedges and bushes in all four corners of your garden while being much quieter than petrol trimmers. Plus, their batteries are interchangeable with Flymo cordless grass trimmers that have the same voltage.

Safe & sound

We like to keep your welfare in mind which is why all our hedge trimmers come fitted with plenty of added safety features. All of them boast hand guards to keep your hands away from cutting blades and to protect you from falling debris. Some also include a protective blade tip, to protect the trimmer and user if cutting close to walls.

Cutting hedge
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Hedge Trimmers

With one of Flymo's hedge trimmers you will have the power to maintain your hedges no matter how big or small.