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Hover Mowers

Hover mowers offer simple and easy handling, and are designed for compact storage for easy and convenient grass cutting from start to finish.

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Floating on a cushion of air.

As the inventor of the first ever hover mower, Flymo has over 50 years’ experience of designing and manufacturing hover mowers. This unique lawnmower was invented by Karl Dahlman who first got the idea after seeing a hovercraft. Fundamentally changing the way people think about lawnmowers, the hover mower allows for expert manoeuvring and precision cutting on any size lawn.

How a hover mower works
Compact and easy to store

Compact & easy to store.

Floating on a cushion of air, hover mowers are extremely lightweight and easy to manoeuvre. This makes them the ideal lawn mower for irregularly shaped gardens, especially as their unique design allows them to cut over flat paths, under bushes, down slight slopes and around trees. Plus, once you’ve finished cutting, you can effortlessly carry away and store your hover mower for later use.

Out the box convenience.

Unlike most lawn mowers, Flymo electric hover mowers are small and compact which makes them much more convenient to use. Our hover collect mowers can be removed from the box, the handles pulled into position, and then they’re ready to go (excluding Glider Compact 330AX)! Their unique design also allows for easy transportation and storage.

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UltraGlide easy to empty grassbox
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Hover Mowers

As the inventor of the world's first hover mower, Flymo knows what it takes to built a great lawnmower. Designed to float on a cushion of air for expert manoeuvrability.

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