Rotary lawn mower with rear roller being pushed

Rotary Lawn Mowers

Our range of lawn mowers features both electric and battery powered rotary mowers which are ideal for lawns, both big and small. They boast a simple, easy to use design and can achieve perfectly neat stripes across your grass with the help of a handy rear roller.

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Stripes or no stripes?

When you think of a traditional English garden, you probably picture a nicely striped green lawn. To achieve this classic look yourself, you'll need the help of a rotary lawn mower that features a rear roller. A roller not only gives you stripes, but also makes cutting the edges of your lawn easy too!

Chevron 32VC
Chevron 32VC

Size matters.

The bigger the cutting width, the quicker you will cut the lawn. If you need to mow a large lawn then you should use a rotary lawn mower with a large cutting width.

Here at Flymo we have lawn mowers for a variety of lawn sizes so you can find the perfect mower for your garden. See below our wide range of Rotary lawn mowers, we offer both electric corded and battery cordless models.

Easier by Design.

Flymo rotary lawn mowers have a range of features that make cutting your grass Easier by Design. Our unique Vision window lets you see when your grass box needs emptying and reduces stoppages, while the single lever height adjustment tool makes changing the cutting height quick and simple.

Vision window lets you see when the grass box is full
Cutting width i

Rotary Lawn Mowers

A range of wheeled rotary lawn mowers from Flymo, designed for lawns big or small. Add stripes to your lawn with a lawn mower fitted with a rear roller.

Parts and Accessories

Find helpful related parts & accessories for your Flymo machine.